Hendrik BullensDr. Hendrik Bullens is a social scientist from the Netherlands, who has been serving as an IPRA Council member and co-convenor of the Security and Disarmament Commission for several terms since 1990. He has a Drs. oec. degree from University of Tilburg, NL in Economics and a Ph.D in Psychology/Educational Sciences from Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany.

After working as an international management consultant at Quickborner Team, Hamburg-NewYork for over a decade, he taught and did research at Augsburg University, Germany for more than 20 years. He founded the Augsburg University Peace Group (FIAH) which i.a. initiated the first peace-dedicated Dies Academicus in the university's history (1985) and organized interdisciplinary lecture series on Peace, Science and Society (Friedensringvorlesungen) during the 1980ies and 1990ies. He set up and lead the Conversion and Peace Research Unit (COPE) between 1990-2000, and also headed the SISYFOS Institute engaged in political counseling, consulting-mediation and peace research from 1990-2010.

Current areas of interest include human security, development and disarmament; civil-military relations; religion, science and politics; impact of evolutionary and neuro-science on social sciences. Two years ago he moved to Istanbul, Turkey, where he is engaged in setting up a peace & conflict studies network.

He is the (co-)author/(co-)editor of over a hundred books, book chapters, articles, teaching materials/film and international conference papers, while he conducted a variety of projects in the private, public and political sector, as well. Selected examples (here peace-related only) include:

Peace and Conflict Studies: Political Economics and Psychology of Civil-Military Relations

Bullens, H. (2013). Reform of Civil-Military Relations in Turkey? Problems of Current Political Changes in Turkey’s Security and Defence Sector. W&F-Wissenschaft und Frieden (Science and Peace) (in German; forthcoming)

Bullens, H. & Toksöz, I. (2013). Half A Century of International Peace Studies – A Challenge for Political Science/International Relations in Turkey? Paper with Itir Toksöz presented at the 5th UIK conference, European University of Lefke, North Cyprus, April 2013 (in Turkish and English)

Bullens, H. (2013) When Defence Diets: The Yoyo-Effect in Global Military Spending and related Patterns since the End of the Cold War. Paper for the 4th Eurasian Peace Science Conference, Koc University, May 2013

Bullens, H. (2012). Peace Dividend Lost? Stocktaking Changes in Defence Expenditures, Arms Industry, Arms Trade, Security and Disarmament Two Decades After. Paper presented at the 24th IPRA Conference at Mie University, Tsu, Japan, November 2012

Bullens, H. (2009). Media Coverage on Evolution – Case Study of a German Nationwide Newspaper. Paper for the International Conference ’Evolution and the Public’, University of Siegen, Germany

Bullens, H. (2000). Disarmament or Revolution of Military Affairs (RMA) - Opposed Trends in the PCW German Defence Sector? Paper presented at the 18th IPRA International Conference, University of Tampere and TAPRI, Tampere, Finland

Bullens, H. (1998). Arms Industry at the Cross Roads. Conversion, Restructuring and Arms Trade in Europe. Mosbach: AFES PRESS

Bullens, H. (1997). Cuts without Conversion. In B.Möller and L.Voronkow eds, Defence Doctrines and Conversion. Dartmouth: Aldershot

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Bullens, H. (1994). Arms and Dual-use-Exports from Germany – Volume and Problems . Expert's Report before the Economic Council of the German Federal Parliament Bonn: Bundesdrucksache 635/12 (in German)

Bullens, H. (1994). Playing with the Fear of Job Losses. Wissenschaft und Frieden, Nr. 4 (in German)

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Bullens, H. (1990). The Future of Work: Analyses-Predictions-Strategies . Heidelberg: Asanger, (in German)


WISER: Introduction of a Studentcentered and Selforganizing Method of Critical Learning and Teaching Political Science/Economics at a Bavarian Senior High School (2009-10)

Occupational Coaching of former Officers of the GDR’s Dissolved National People’s Army (NVA) after German Reunification - in collaboration with Federal Labour Office's Subcontractors (1991-94)

Expertise on Political and Socio-economic Effects of Defence Budget Cuts for the Workers Council of IG Metall Munich (IGM = Steelworkers Labor Union) and the City Council of Munich (1989-92)

Defence Industry Conversion at DASA/MBB Ottobrunn-Augsburg (today EADS, Europe's 2d largest defence contractor) – in collaboration with IMU-Institute Munich (1989-90)