The EuPRA Statute in its Article 5 states that: 

The founding members of EuPRA are those present at the founding meeting. Further members are admitted by the Board on grounds of their peace research record. Corporate members can be admitted. Contributions from members may be monetary or through services rendered to EuPRA. The General Conference may recommend an annual contribution from members.


Paid membership for 2 years 
Membership fee in 2x2 classes, according to country income (PPP) 


                                                   High Income            Low income 
                                                   Countries                 Countries        

(incl. retired persons)                    60                         30                     

Students                                           30                         15          


Membership Form

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Payments are due to the following account: 

Tampereeen Seudun Osuuspankki

FI53 5731 8220 0435 72