Stephanie Thiel Dr. Luc Reychler is from Belgium. He is the Emeritus Professor of International Relations at the University of Leuven and past director of the Center for Peace Research and Strategic Studies (CPRS). He earned his Ph.D degree from Harvard University in 1976. He taught courses on Peace Research and Conflict Management, Strategy and Global Security Analysis, Sustainable Peacebuilding Architecture, Multilateral Diplomacy and Negotiation-Mediation Techniques. Luc Reychler acted as secretary general of IPRA (International Peace Research Association) from 2004-2008. From October 2010 on, he will use his newly found academic freedom, as professor emeritus, to write a book on the role of time in conflict and peace "Time for peace", and speak out about sensitive issues. His blog can be reached at

The main areas in which his research interest lie are sustainable peace building architecture, planning and evaluation of violence prevention and peace building interventions, comparative evaluation of peace negotiations, and leadership.

His publications include:

Reychler, L. (2010). Open Book DRCongo : Positive Prospects, Building Sustainable Peace Together.

Reychler, L. (2007). Aid for Peace: A Guide for Planning and Evalution in Conflict Zones. Nomos.

Reychler, L. (2004). De Volgende Genocide (The Next Genocide). Leuven University Press. Leuven

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Reychler, L.(1999). Democratic Peacebuilding : The Devil is in the Transition. Leuven University Press. Leuven

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