Metin ErsoyDr. Metin Ersoy is from North Cyprus. He has earned his BA, MA and Ph.D degrees from Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta, North Cyprus. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, in Eastern Mediterranean University. The title of his Ph.D dissertation was “Peace Journalism, News Coverage of the Cyprus Conflict” where he explored the Turkish/Greek Cypriot media coverage of each other to see how they frame the “other” in their coverage. Since 2012, he is secretary of European Peace Research Association (EuPRA) and 50th Istanbul conference organizing committee of International Peace Research Association (IPRA). His areas of research interest are Peace Journalism, Cypriot Media, Framing, News Coverage, Public Opinion, Agenda Setting and Conflict Resolution. He is married with Sirin Seckiner Ersoy and has a daughter named Ilayda Balim Ersoy.

His selected publications include:

• Ersoy, M. (2014) Türk Basinindaki Savas - Baris Gazeteciligi: Düsürülen Jet Ucaklari, 3th International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design. Conference Proceeding. Istanbul. Turkey.

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• Ersoy, M. (2010). “Fast-Food” Habercilik, Spor ve Baris Gazeteciligi. In Coban B. (Ed.). Medya Baris ve Savas: Savas Ortaminda Baris Medyasini Yaratmak. Istanbul, Turkey: Kalkedon Yayinlari.

• Ersoy, M. (2010). Peace Journalism and News Coverage on the Cyprus Conflict. The Muslim World, 100 (1), pp. 78-99. (AHCI)

• Ersoy, M. (2009). Medyada barisa bir sans vermek icin: Barıs Gazeteciligi. In H. Aliefendioglu and N. Kara (Eds). Kuzey Kibris'ta Medya ve Temsil. Ankara, Turkey: Dipnot Yayinlari.

• Ersoy, M. (2006). Obstacles to Peace Journalism in North Cyprus. Global Media Journal: Mediterranean Edition, 1 (2), pp. 68-75.